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$140.00 / month for 3 months with a 14-day free trial

Unlock your algorithmic trading potential with our training course for non-programmers, Algo Trading with TSLab: Pro Package. Create, test and deploy your own automated trading strategies using a one-of-a-kind software. This is an all-in-one solution for all your algorithmic trading needs. Thanks to a drag-and-drop visual editor you can easily turn your ideas into algos without knowing a single line of code.

Learn on the go: this online, self-paced course has comprehensive lessons and support from expert instructors. After you’ve finished this course, you will be able to create trading algos for any instrument and any market supported by your broker.

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This course is designed for anyone interested in automating ones trading strategies without spending hundreds of hours learning to code. Using a set of smart logical blocks, you can build fully- or partly-automated algorithmic trading strategies for any market. After the first two lessons, you will be able create your first fully functional trading bot.

Our course authors are experienced traders who share their professional experience with TSLab. They’ve successfully deployed dozens of trading robots in multiple markets—after using this compact three month course, you will too.


Algo Trading with TSLab will help you gain confidence to automate your trading strategies in TSLab and actualize your trading ideas. During the course, you will create trading algos for:

  • Parabolic SAR, moving average crossover, and Bollinger Bands signals
  • Pin bar, high/low breakouts and pullback setups
  • Double top/bottom; Head & Shoulders
  • MACD Divergence, sideways price trends
  • On-Balance-Volume (OBV) Indicator

Some of the covered topics include:

  • Position management market, limit, stop orders
  • Working with multiple time frames
  • Optimization principles and recommendations on how to avoid overfitting
  • Settings for real-time trading and deploying bots.

There are 4 levels in this course. Level 1 is FREE for 30 days. You will get access to the next level after one month of subscription. After completing Level 4, you will have unlimited lifetime access to all four levels across any and all devices you own.

LEVEL 1- 30-day FREE trial

  • Introduction to TSLab. Downloading, configuration and basic settings
  • How to manage data providers for different instruments and historical data 
  • First trading algo. SMA crossover, parabolic SAR strategies
  • Parameters of bullish and bearish candles. How to set take profit, stop loss, ATR
  • How to describe patterns with several candles, impulse movements and trends


  • Position management. Several ways to open and close a position in TSLab
  • How to use market, limit and stop orders in different strategies
  • Working with multiple time frames inside one script
  • How to build indicators based on higher time frames
  • High/low breakouts of levels without re-entry
  • How to build an algo with consecutive signals: impulse, pullback, pinbar


  • Principles and features of optimization
  • How to check the odds in your favor by testing the entry and exit points
  • Recommendations for avoiding over-optimization (curve fitting)
  • How to make sure your script works fast
  • Trading settings for correct performance of your algo in live trading


  • Creating On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator
  • Defining round levels and creating price channels
  • How to filter a sideways price trend
  • How to set a parabolic stop-loss or a trailing stop-loss at SMA

This level also includes the Advanced TSLab module, with 10 proprietary fractal indicators and video lessons for them. Use them to build trading bots for:

  • Trend lines, trend filters
  • Double top/bottom
  • Head & shoulders, mirror level 
  • Wedge patterns & MACD divergence

Sign up today to get a free two-week trial. No payment information is necessary for the first two weeks. After that, you can sign up for a monthly subscription of $140 for 3 months. After making 3 monthly payments of $140 ($420 in total), you have unlimited lifetime access to all course levels – across any and all devices you own. No further payments required.

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4 reviews for Algo Trading with TSLab

  1. Patrick Hsu

    I use it, I like it, I recommend it.

  2. Liem Nguyen

    all drag-and-drop. no coding experience necessary. if the instrument is available with your broker you should be able to trade it with TSLab.

    if you leverage these technologies well you should get a high ROI.

  3. Daniel Romanescu

    This is my favorite tool. I’m not an expert coder but you don’t need to be or have any background at all.

    Being able to test, optimize, and run your code through history in tons of different markets is one of the best ways to see how your strategies hold up and whether it’s viable to run them going forward in real-time.

  4. Jake Weinstein

    The ability to use the computer in parallel with you is already important in getting an edge in trading. IMHO if you aren’t using it, you are behind the curve. The good thing is that tools are coming out that can tap into the power of modern computing and AI at a great price.

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