Altreva Adaptive Modeler

$399.00 every 3 years

Altreva specializes in the research and development of financial forecasting and market simulation software meant to make your trading life easier. By using agent-based market simulation models and evolutionary computing, Altreva creates adaptive, evolving, and self-learning market modeling and forecasting solutions, allowing you to trade more confidently and earn more dependably.

Altreva is now offering the Altreva Adaptive Modeler for price forecasting of real-world markets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, or forex currency pairs.

Adaptive Modeler Standard Edition – $199 (3 years single-user license, including upgrades)
Variety of functions, including real-time forecasts and signals
3 years single-user license, including upgrades

Adaptive Modeler Professional Edition $399 (3 years single-user license, including upgrades)
Full function set, including power use features
3 years single-user license, including upgrades

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Altreva Adaptive Modeler is a software application that creates market simulation models for market forecasts. Thousands of virtual traders apply their trading strategies to real-world market data to trade, compete and adapt against an ever-changing virtual market. Their collective behavioral aggregate is used to generate one-step-ahead price forecasts and trading signals. Models co-evolve in parallel with the real market without overfitting to historical data. Now you can better adapt to changing market conditions and achieve a more consistent performance no matter the state of the global economy.

Key Features

  • easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface
  • real-time charts and plots to visualize model evolution, behavior and performance
  • user-configurable genetic programming engine for trading rule creation
  • support for quote intervals ranging from 1 millisecond to multiple days or variable for constant range bars or high-frequency tick data
  • support for up to 100 custom input variables
  • Trading Simulator with hedge-fund style performance overview with various risk & return indicators 
  • data exporting
  • batch jobs and command line automation
  • includes User’s Guide, Tutorial, context-sensitive help and examples

Applied Practices

Altreva Adaptive Modeler consists of a population of thousands of trader agents and a virtual market. Each agent represents a virtual trader (or investor) with its own assets and technical trading rule. Adaptive Modeler then evolves this model step by step while feeding it market prices of securities.  Get the power of thousands of traders with one easy click.  

Users of the Professional or Standard Edition are entitled to all major and minor version upgrades during the term of their license. Users of the Standard Edition may also upgrade to the Professional Edition for the price difference at the time of upgrading. Please contact Support for upgrading instructions.

Academic discount
Users at academic institutions qualify for a 50% academic discount provided that the license is purchased by the institution.

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