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$99.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

As one of the world’s largest independent research firms, CFRA helps its global subscribers to improve their investment and business decision making choices.

Through a differentiated approach, CFRA delivers high-quality research designed to enhance portfolio performance and mitigate risk. CFRA’s global subscribers include the world’s leading institutional investors, wealth advisors, corporations, academics and governments.

Founded as the “Center for Financial Research and Analysis” in 1994, today the company is simply known as CFRA. However, its mission remains to be the “center” for our global clients by providing independent, differentiated, and actionable analysis to make better investment and business decisions.

With the Equity Research subscription, you can gain a comprehensive view on global sector themes, industries, and companies.

No payment information is necessary for the first two weeks. After that, you can sign up for a monthly subscription.

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CFRA Equity Research provides independent and actionable research and analytics to its global subscribers to improve their investment and business decisions. Through a differentiated proprietary methodology that blends forensic accounting and fundamental equity research, CFRA empowers sophisticated investment professionals, advisors and risk managers to uniquely analyze industries, funds and companies of their interest. 

Gain a comprehensive view on global sector themes, industries, and companies based on over 12,000 quantitative and 1,500 qualitative reports on 5,000+ U.S. and global corporations.

This subscription includes:

  • Buy, hold and sell ratings
  • Price targets
  • Financials
  • Analysis aligned with a wealth advisor’s workflow
  • Access to real-time data
  • Charting of consensus recommendations and analyst earnings over time

The Equity Research subscription provides forward-looking analysis aligned with a wealth advisor’s workflow. CFRA’s independent, differentiated analysis includes fast access to real-time data as well as clear charting of consensus recommendations and analyst earnings over time.

Sign up today to get a free two-week trial. No payment information is necessary for the first two weeks.

7 reviews for CFRA Equity Research

  1. Richard Olson

    I like the forensic accounting service. Management teams are not as honest as people assume and auditors simply do basic compliance reviews (looking forward to the recurring annual revenue stream from the companies they “audit”).

    If you’re going to put your money in individual companies, get input from professionals who know what they’re doing first. Never get taken for a ride by a “media darling” that isn’t all that.

  2. Abhijeet Kumar

    the research reports help me find cash flow positive companies in growing or stable industries

  3. James

    To do well investing you have to find the best people possible to consult with in a world where everyone thinks they have good opinions (and usually don’t). CFRA is legit and I can recommend them.

  4. Scott H.

    The cheap monthly price beats having to hire an army of analysts. I’m impressed by their reports.

  5. Qianqian Liu

    CFRA brings “bad apples” to my attention as candidates to short. Perfectly suitable for the long-only investor, too.

  6. Chris Rogala

    It’s impossible to do everything on your own and the price is a steal compared to the value….

    They cover 68 industries and over 25,000 companies so there’s always something there to explore

  7. Antara Sharma

    They are knowledgeable and trustworthy

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