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Equities Lab lets you backtest, validate and simulate your stock market ideas with ease, no matter how nuanced or ambitious your idea is.  Finally, you can try out your fantasy picks and big swings without putting your money on the line.   

By combining deep analytics and a powerful computation engine partner with survivorship bias-free financial data going back to 1995, Equities Lab allows you to do both fundamental and technical analysis at the same time, at scale, in seconds or minutes. Gain true stock market wisdom and understand what really goes on by being able to process data in a completely new way.  

Equities Lab is offering the Charter Member plan subscription, which includes:

  • Unlimited Backtests
  • Configurable Universe
  • Licensed for Commercial Usage

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Equities Lab is a stock market analytical tool that offers stock screening, charting, back testing, watch list capabilities, and so much more. This stock analysis platform is used by institutional and individual investors to perform fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.  With Equities Lab, you get the resources of a pro from the comfort of your home.  

The stock screen is far from your typical set of drop-down menus.  This revolutionary system allows for screening of thousands of fields of fundamental and technical data while dissecting that data with powerful mathematical operators. Each strategy can be verified with a back testing function.

Equities Lab also provides a trading model designer in which you can create buy/sell criteria and test whether that strategy has worked in the past.

Finally, Equities Lab provides you with a watch list that will track and alert you as stocks enter and exit a strategy. These functions, combined with numerous analytic graphs, offer users an effective product that reduces stock market anxiety and significantly boosts returns.

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7 reviews for Equities Lab

  1. Jay Adams

    I use it mostly as a screener for fundamental factors. I mostly look for jumps in certain accounts and explore further. Great for monitoring companies’ accounting over time. The product goes way deeper which I’m looking to explore further.

  2. Martin Lund

    I don’t have programming expertise but i still need to see if my strategies work … It really beats having to use Excel or another program

  3. Yoram

    Equities Lab is a great tool for structuring your ideas into formulas that give a specific output. You can set them up however you want based on financial performance and popular custom metrics like Altman Z-score, Piotroski, Fama-French.

    You can also use it as a filter to help you find companies to invest in that meet your criteria, rank them, and divide them into other categories.

    The editor is super easy and you can do most things without having to touch the mouse.

  4. George Kaplan

    If you have questions about what the best strategies are, Equities Lab is probably a fit for you:

    – Do profitable companies outperform unprofitable ones?

    – Do companies with clean balance sheets beat those with leveraged balance sheets?

    – Do low P/E stocks beat high P/E stocks?

    – Do smaller stocks beat larger stocks?

    Equities Lab can help you answer these and similar questions.

  5. Tom Bonacci

    Backtester and screener. It will help tell you whether your strategy has generated alpha over time.

  6. Rich

    I use this to help me keep track of value in various sectors of the stock market

  7. Mahmoud

    Perfect for testing set-and-forget strategies 🙂

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