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$579.00 / year with a 14-day free trial

The missing piece to your trading puzzle is finally here.  Built around proprietary trading techniques that institutional traders use every day, Jigsaw Trading offers a suite of tools for those who use book order trading. 

Each package contains different levels of education, but each is powered by the same amazing software. This software includes the daytradr™ platform for futures and exchange-traded spreads, plug-ins, the Pace of Tape Smart Gauge, the Depths & Sales tool, and more. 

Using our code for Jigsaw Trading provides a 14-day money-back guarantee for their platform.

The pricing plans offer a 14-day money-back guarantee:

Independent: $579
Professional: $879
Market Maker: $1499
Institutional: $1799

In case you are experiencing any issues with the product or you have any product related questions, Contact Us!


Jigsaw Trading is a comprehensive package of education and tools for retail and professional traders. 

The Jigsaw daytradr™ platform is an award-winning order flow and trade execution platform. Designed specifically for day traders of futures and exchange-traded spreads, the daytradr platform is a multi-threaded platform that contains all the features from the Jigsaw Bridge plug-in and much more. You can potentially highlight events such as trapped traders, imbalances between buyers and sellers, and order flow.

The Pace of Tape Smarge Gauge comes in over 50 styles and helps you view the pace of trading in a market relative to recent historical average. This can be useful for seeing the change in trading activity at key inflection points (e.g. support and resistance levels) in the market as well as the strength of a pullback, the chances of a market breaking out, and in trade management. 

The Depth & Sales is Jigsaw’s interpretation of the Depth of Market, which shows traders the interaction between passive traders (limit orders) and active traders (market orders). The Depth & Sales illustrates the impacts of trades hitting the market, potential locations of stop orders where traders are positioned, where traders are canceling their orders, and more. 

Auction Vista gives a detailed view of both real time and historical order flow, offering market depth visualization as well as order flow charts. Auction Vista uses a proprietary algorithm named Large Trade Circles, which reveals areas of high volume that trade at a level over time. 


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