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TrendSpider is a new type of charting, technical analysis and trading platform built by traders, for traders. You can customize, automate, and speed up technical analysis using trustworthy algorithms that remove bias. It’s a unique set of integrated tools designed to help you find, plan, and time your trades with greater efficiency and precision.

TrendSpider is now offering an Elite+ plan subscription, an exclusive offer that is only available through the Store Priority Score. The Elite+ plan is available at $59/month when paid monthly and $564/year when paid annually.

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TrendSpider is an all-in-one technical analysis tool for stock, crypto and forex traders. And unlike other platforms, there is no need to pay separately for data feeds, as real-time stock, crypto, forex and future data are included with your plan.  Not only is this an easy way to save money, it’s the perfect way to save time. 

After all, TrendSpider is more than just charts. It’s a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, and more efficient technical trader. The intuitive technical tools and charting software can help you quickly make informed trading decisions. 

TrendSpider’s features include:

Market Scanner: Search for charts that match the desired technical conditions, then deliver real-time results to customizable watchlists instantaneously

Smart Charts & Automated Analysis: Follow real-time data on charting platforms

Backtesting with Strategy Tester: Use this visual interface to design a strategy, press the test button, and see how it might have performed

Dynamic & Multi-Factor Alerts: Create alerts with a visual builder interface for any combination of timeframe and technical factors

The Score Priority Store is pleased to offer the Elite+ plan, a custom offer only available at the Score Priority Store. This subscription unlocks many of the same features of the TrendSpider Elite plan, but with better bang for your buck.  By signing up for the Elite+ plan, you can mix and match with other Score Priority Store products, creating a perfect trading ecosystem that’s just right for your specific needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the SPC Store plan compared to signing up directly with TrendSpider:

  • Elite+ contains 125 alerts; Elite plan includes 75 alerts.
  • Elite+ offers 125 scanner results per scan; Elite plan includes 75 scanner results per scan.
  • Elite+ costs $59/month when paid monthly; Elite costs $69/month when paid monthly.
  • Elite+ costs $564/year when paid yearly; Elite costs $684/year when paid yearly.

Sign up today to get a free two-week trial. No payment information is necessary for the first two weeks.

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4 reviews for TrendSpider

  1. P James

    Trend spider gives you alerts on stocks, FX and crypto. You get a free demo and it’s worth subscribing if you’re an active trader or day trader.Goes over different timeframes like 4H and daily, so it works for swing trading too.

  2. Charles Sloan

    It saves me a lot of time. I can scan for multiple trade setups across multiple time charts. Finds all this for me so I don’t have to do it manually.

  3. Xander Díaz

    watching the charts all day is time-consuming so I use TS to find potential trades for me. they send alerts and i can decide which ones to go with and which ones to pass on.

  4. Lee Campbell

    This service is great for anyone who wants to do more than just save a percentage of their income each month. You need to have some basic understanding of charting before using it and it will appeal more to technicians and chartists. But it can still be used as a tool for those who want to complement their fundamental beliefs about different stocks and markets.

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